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Search Fees

We conduct a search of the IP Australia Trade Mark Register for identical word marks – $300 plus GST.

For searches involving “similar“ we will provide a quotation upon confirmation of the mark proposed by you.

Preparing of Application Fees

We will take instructions and prepare a Statement of Goods and Services that covers and protects your business activities and file that with IP Australia on your behalf – $1000 plus GST.

Note that the IP Australia Government Application fees are $330 per Class.

Acceptance of Your Application

We will receive and handle the Acceptance stage of your application (if accepted) and receive any and all correspondence from IP Australia regarding this and send a confirmatory report to you – $300 Plus GST.


We will attend to Registration of your trademark with IP Australia.


If IP Australia raises issues with your Application we will provide you with a quotation to address your options.

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